something to tell you about

i'm not a reader so, i can't barely write anything beutifull..but i have a couple of finger that works unusually,its moving freely whenever and wherever its want,moving without me knowing what gonna happen.the secret share between them finggers form of cheracters and words but sadly none of them is a masterpiece..the tensioned here is to see how far my figger could go...from now on, whether is it gonna be the sky high or only secret between me and the fingers.

this is the journey of my life through the eyes of me fingers...


  1. mafake said...:

    a gud start..
    moga kau jadi king kong:idola funny aku..

  1. Ayun S. said...:

    ello laling! woot! good start. keep up the good work!

  1. axe said...:

    iltizam din iltizam.